Upon beginning my career as Executive Director there wasn’t much guidance from my predecessor, board, etc.  While reviewing some old files in my Chamber office I came across information regarding KCCE, I immediately made a phone call!  At that time Aaron Cox was the Executive Director and he informed me of “boot camp” that was being held within the next few weeks.  I am so very thankful that I took his advice and went to “boot camp”!  Everyone that attended that day was extremely helpful, they gave me guidance to get me well on my way to being the Executive Director I wanted to be!  Since that day, I have had the opportunity to attend conferences, I must say these are extremely helpful, lots of good people and ideas!  They are a never ending resource of information!

I am truly happy with the assistance I receive from KCCE, always willing to schedule a visit, conduct a training session or simply just listen to everyday problems we have as Executive Directors.   Thanks, KCCE!

Stacy Mattingly
Executive Director
Lebanon-Marion County Chamber of Commerce

KCCE afforded me knowledge and skills in the Chamber industry that I never would have thought possible. The concepts I've learned through professional development conferences, seminars, and general information shared through KCCE has been invaluable to any success I have had in the chamber world. Additionally the friendships and bonds I have made with my fellow chamber professionals in KCCE have carried me through the difficulties we all face in our day to day duties. Through relationships built in KCCE I have been able to lean on those experiences in both success and failure and it's the most comforting feeling in the world.

Lance Allison
Executive Director
Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce

The Board Development training is a must for anyone serving on a chamber board or any not-for profit board. It really is an eye opener to the many facets of board due diligence that we all assume when we volunteer to serve on a board. I came away with several ideas to help our board function for effectively.

Rene' True
Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce board member

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