Resource Partners

KCCE Resource Partners provide ongoing resource information to local chambers and their members. Resource Partnership is available for organizations that want to connect with local chambers by providing them information only that could be determined as a valuable tool to assist chambers in their day to day functions and boost retention and recruitment efforts. Resource Partners are linked on the KCCE website and provide occasional articles for the newsletter.

KRF LogoKentucky Retail Federation

The Kentucky Retail Federation will work with you and your staff to "customize" a program of valuable services you need specifically for your local retailers. While the KRF provides some services similar to those already offered by the KCCE, our goal is not to compete but to compliment those that add value to local Chamber membership. A KRF staff person will sit down with you and your staff and outline the services available, how the program works, and how to market it to members and potential members. Download the Service Agreement.

Member service program offerings may include affinity programs that do not compete with KCCE offerings, retail specific legislative and regulatory information, issue briefings, retail industry news feeds and industry trends and updates, and communications services. Our staff will also be available to make presentations to your members regarding retail related issues and help you in the formation of a "Retail Merchants Council" if you so desire

University of Kenutcky Nonprofit Leadership InitiativeKentucky Nonprofit Network

KCCE members are eligible to join the KY Nonprofit Network membership program at ½ off the regular membership rate. Nonprofit Network membership provides discounts on valuable training, phone and web conferencing, risk management products and offers access to a sponsorship “expert in residence,” online career center and much more! Dues are on a sliding fee scale based on operating budget. To learn more about membership and upcoming events, visit

Constant ContactConstant Contact
Constant Contact®, Inc. helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect with their customers, clients, and members. Launched in 1998, Constant Contact champions the needs of small organizations and provides them with an easy and affordable way to build successful, lasting customer relationships. For more information on the Constant Contact Chamber Program, go to

KYBIZINFO Kentucky Small Business Development Center
What steps do I take to start a business? Can you tell me where to find the "free money" the government gives to small business owners? What type of business should I open? How do I determine the value of my business? What legal issues do I need to be aware of as a small business owner? What licenses do I need to operate? These are just a few of the questions you probably get asked on a daily basis. Because of your reputation and visibility, business owners often ask you the difficult questions. Usually one question leads to another, and you wind up spending a great deal of time answering the questions or searching for the appropriate referral option.

The Kentucky Small Business Development Center, in partnership with non-profit resource partners throughout Kentucky, has launched a free online tool that connects entrepreneurs with the right resource provider for their needs. Your chamber can now refer small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs to a website where they can access a database of over 300 non-profit resources, find answers to their questions, and receive the assistance they need to start or grow their business in Kentucky. KyBizInfo conveniently provides this valuable information all for free!

In addition, your chamber will be included in the database (at no cost) as a resource partner, along with the programs and services that you offer to your membership. The website incorporates a statewide calendar listing upcoming small business workshops & training events and an online community where users can connect with small business experts.

For more information, visit or call us toll-free at 1-877-592-4946.

10/20 Digital
works with communities and companies to ensure that ubiquitous and meaningful broadband is available throughout the Commonwealth. We work on creative solutions to ensure that communities have the infrastructure access they need to compete successfully.

Additionally, we work with the entire community to ensure they are adopting and using broadband technology effectively and competitively. Here are just a few ways 10/20 can help your chamber grow the community and increase economic development:

10/20 works with communities to assess current state of play with respect to broadband availability and related technology adoption and use
10/20 works to assess and aggregate demand in order to attract and procure the best broadband infrastructure solutions
10/20 supports network architecture design and development, spectrum planning, procurement, vendor management, and implementation services

Adoption and Use
10/20 provides resources to elevate the broadband literacy of a community's citizenry and workforce through technology training centers and improved access to broadband services, computers and related devices and applications
10/20 works with schools and libraries to provide technology strategic planning and implementation support

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