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KCCE has developed the Chamber Certification Program, the only program of its kind in the Commonwealth, with has three purposes. First, it defines standards of excellence for chambers throughout the state. Through the application process, it also provides chambers an opportunity to review and improve business practices as well as programs that benefit members. Lastly, KCCE certification distinguishes chambers that are doing it right as strong, effective leaders in Kentucky’s business community.

KCCE Chamber Certification is a prestigious designation only open to KCCE members. Certification is earned through a comprehensive and rigorous review of chamber’s business practices and programs.

The deadline to apply each year is January 30 and certifications will be awarded at Spring Conference.

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I am embarrassed to say I will not have everything done for the Chamber Certification Program. This program is a wonderful tool for me to work with, I have learned so much in gathering the information and creating new documents.

One example of my concerns is the executive board met last week and I have finally convinced them we need policies in place for Whistleblower, Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement. When I started three years ago they did not have a budget in place, the By Laws were out of date and did not spell out what happens when you need to hire employees, no strategic plan and the list goes on. Currently we don’t have employee manuals or job descriptions for everyone (almost done with them). As I have gone over and over the list of documentation, I see it would be a waste of your time to even begin to review because we are lacking in so much. Although I will continue my work on having everything in place.

The good news in all this is I do see the progress I have made in writing a strategic plan, implementing a budget, working with the newspaper on publishing our newsletter in the paper for free, developing an Ambassador Patrol program and growing our bottom line. I have KCCE to thank for all the workshops and your mentorship. I came here from a marketing and sales world and now find myself deep in the heart of Chamber world and loving every minute.

If and when the window is open again to become a certified Chamber I would certainly hope I could have all of our ducks in a row and ready to apply at that time. In the meantime I will continue the quest of the perfect notebook with everything in order.

Your mentorship means a great deal to me Ali, and I could not have come this far the past three years without you. I sincerely thank you and want you to know how much I appreciate all you have done for me in my career.

Kind regards,

Deanna K. Herrmann

CEO/Executive Director

London Laurel County Chamber of Commerce

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