Active IOM’s
in Kentucky

Dave Adkisson
Jared Arnett
Stephanie Beach
Maureen Carpenter
Amy Cloud
Lee Dingo
Amanda Dixon
Paula Fowler
Mendi Goble
Tod Griffin
Deanna Herrmann
Suzy Hosley
Carmen Inman
Fran Johnson
Tonya Matthews
Bob Quick
Sandy Romenesko
Don Vizi
Lisa Young

Institute for Organization Management is a professional development program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Since 1921, thousands of association and chamber professionals have attended Institute sites across the country, making it one of the most recognized and valued educational programs in the industry.
Every year hundreds of association and chamber professionals come to any of the five Institute sites searching for education, industry credibility, and networking opportunities—and are in pursuit of the industry's best practices and trends. Nonprofit executives are coming to Institute to find answers-both through the resources we provide and through sharing ideas with you, their peer.

Institute is dedicated to making sure you find those answers. With a diverse core curriculum and choice of electives to choose from, Institute provides education on all facets of running a nonprofit organization.

From membership recruitment and retention to legal issues to budgeting and marketing, Institute's curriculum focuses on the unique challenges facing associations and chambers today. Institute is designed to help you find ways to overcome any difficult situation affecting your organization. Additionally, the curriculum is also tied to the CAE and CCE bodies of knowledge, allowing you and your staff to earn credit for industry certification in one simple step.

Graduates of the four-year Institute for Organization Management program receive the IOM recognition, signifying 96 hours of course instruction in nonprofit management. Known nationwide as the standard for association and chamber training, the IOM recognition signifies educational achievement and indicates active participation in the nonprofit industry and their individual communities. Graduates use the letters "IOM" after their names in public mention, as well as in professional correspondence.

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