Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives
Three Year Business Plan 2016-2018
Version 3.0 2015-16

Critical areas of focus:

  1. Ensure high quality professional development and growth opportunities to chamber executives, staff and affiliated members through conferences, regional seminars, small group meeting and other avenues.
  2. Develop technical assistance and services as needed for local chambers both complimentary and fee based.
  3. Increase communication level with members, board of directors, corporate partners and key investors
  4. Work to develop a grassroots network that maximizes the resources and strengths of local chambers both on policy matters as well as issues relating to growth and economic development.

Goal 1: Member Benefits and Services

Strategy 1: Retain KCCE member base
Focus on retention of members
Promote Association Membership and target chamber related organizations
• Consider adding a third tier level

Strategy 2: Provide Consulting Services
Continue to provide consulting services, assisting with inquiries and training
R & D: Increase our network of consultants by
• Working with other state associations and promoting opportunities for their members to facilitate planning sessions with our members and vice versa
• Develop a Train the Trainer session to educate our members in the art of facilitation

Strategy 3: Promote Organizational Excellence
Continue to promote Kentucky Certified Chamber program to promote awareness of the chamber brand and provide a peer review process of generally accepted chamber of commerce organizational benchmarks
Offer destination trips that we can partner with local chambers for educational purposes or as FAM trips for chamber executives

Strategy 4: Promote Executive Extras
Promote partnerships that offer benefits and services that help the executive and their members. These partnerships include, but are not limited to: Kentucky Chamber Power Buys, Infintech, Labor Law Posters, SizeUp LBI, Kentucky Export Initiative, Microsoft, Google’s Put Your Business on the Map
Continue to strengthen relationships with state and national affiliates and training providers to bring greater resources to bear for KCCE members. These include ACCE, US Chamber Midwest Regional Office, Institute for Organization Management, Kentucky Nonprofit Network, Kentucky World Trade Center, Kentucky Retail Association, Kentucky Association of Economic Development, Kentucky Business Development Centers, Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and Kentucky Institute for Economic Development
Continue to strengthen relationships with Corporate Partners, Key Investors and Associate Members, providing opportunities for them to interact with and be a resource for local chambers

Goal 2: Communications & Online Resources
Strategy 1: Provide quality communications for members
Tactic: e-News
Continue ExecInsights on a regular, once-a-month basis
Continue In the Loop for local board members, on a quarterly basis
Continue News You Can Use notifications for occasional reminders
Continue Spotlight On enews to highlight our partners

Tactic: Social Media
Utilize Social Media to promote professional development, KCCE events and our members and partners
Continue to promote Facebook group for Exec Questions discussion
Encourage use of Google+ Hangouts for small group discussions

Tactic: Website
Continue providing on-line resources for members, including downloads, Speakers Bureau, Job Bank
Update the site, providing additional resources for members and their boards

Strategy 2: Improve brand awareness of KCCE
Regular promotion of events and benefits on a statewide basis

Strategy 3: Conduct surveys
Benchmark Survey for Members (ie: salary, benefits, membership)
KCCE Membership (ie: what are our members looking for)
Operations Survey (ie: board, membership, committees, events, nondues, etc)
Feedback surveys following events
Conduct and published a Demographics report of the local chambers

Goal 3: Professional Development
Strategy 1: Develop and deliver high quality conference(s)
Host Annual Conference to be held April 27-29, 2016 in Frankfort at Kentucky Chamber headquarters in conjunction with Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce
• Theme: Committee: Amy Cloud, Aaron Dail, Carmen Inman, Margaret Ridley, Dana Zinger

Strategy 2: Develop and deliver high quality Boot Camp
Continue New Professionals Boot Camp and market to chamber staff only
• Hold August 24-25, 2016
Provide Executive Handbook to each attendee at no cost

Strategy 3: Workshops, Regional Meetings, Webinars & Other
Continue to host a one day Fall Workshop with a specific topic
• Hold November 13, 2015
Start new training series called Friday Chats with KCCE
• Held most Fridays during lunch time for 30 minutes
• Variety of topics to provide additional information to members
Host Board Development training with Kentucky Nonprofit Network at two locations around state to focus on developing upcoming volunteer leadership within chambers
Consider additional opportunities as they arise

Strategy 4: Promote opportunities for Excellence Awards, KyACE Certification & Scholarship Programs
Promote Excellence Awards & KyACE Certification for Spring Conference 2015
Review awards categories & criteria
Continue utilizing peers to judge awards
Continue working with committee to review scholarship applications & promote opportunities for members to attend KCCE conferences, ACCE convention, Institute for Organization Management, US Chamber Regional Conference, KAED annual conference and KIED Institute
Awards Committee: Carmen Inman, Jill Cutler, Amy Cloud, Sherry Mulkins, Shelley Goodwin
Scholarship Committee: Aaron Dail (chair), Amy Cloud, Brad Richardson, Shawna Burton, Tonya Matthews and Fran Jarrell

Goal 4: Grassroots Advocacy
Objective: Develop a grassroots network that maximizes the resources and strengths of local chambers on policy matters, issues relating to growth, chamber operations and economic development
Co-host a Public Policy Boot Camp in November with Public Affairs Dept
• Hold November 20, 2015
Focus on educational efforts, utilizing the Kentucky Chamber action alerts system
Encourage members to utilize Frankfort Inside Out e-News sent on Mondays and participate in the Friday conference calls during the General Assembly
Continue working closely with the Kentucky Chamber on grassroots partnership
• Promote e-membership partnership
• Executive Director to travel state with Kentucky Chamber CEO in December for Legislative RoadShow
Continue to promote increased dialogue between KCCE members and Kentucky Chamber staff on policy issues
Promote advantages of Kentucky Chamber learning opportunities, including Policy Conference, Chamber Day and Business Summit & Annual Meeting (BSAM)
Continue to promote US Chamber Regional Government Affairs Conference and partner with the Great Lakes office to provide a scholarship

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