The KYACE is designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge of the core chamber management areas.  Individuals are evaluated on their leadership, community involvement, commitment to the chamber profession and service to the state as a chamber professional. The designation demonstrates hard work and determination to make the local chamber, community and the overall profession stronger. 

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Deadline for Submission: March 31

ACE Recipients

Jill Cutler

Brad Schneider
Paula Fowler

Amy Cloud
Carmen Inman
Fran Jarrell

Tonya Matthews

Lance Allison
Mendi Goble

Ali Crain
Shelley Goodwin
Brad Hall
Sherry Mulkins
Jody Wassmer

Paula Fowler
Fran Jarrell
Mark Schenthal

Jo Emary
Tonya Matthews

Lisa Browning

Lucy Cooper
Dorothy White

Tonya Coleman
Ali Crain
Lisa Miller
Nancy Stone


  1. To recognize the professional competency of chamber of commerce professionals in the state of Kentucky.
  2. To provide professional certification to be included with the recipient’s profile, biography and resumé.
  3. To encourage chamber boards of directors to recognize the level of expertise attained by chamber of commerce professionals.

Program Guidelines

  1. The KCCE board of directors will serve as the annual review committee. This committee will review the applications and verify the submissions.
  2. Executives that meet the criteria established for the accredited professional designation will be recognized at the spring conference. Recipients will receive a framed certificate and a press release for local media. A letter will also be sent to your board of directors from the KCCE president.
  3. Re-accreditation will be required after five years. Criteria for re-accreditation includes:
    1. Four additional years service as a chamber of commerce manager and
    2. Thirty-five points of continued training and professional participation.


  1. A minimum of 50 total points is required to receive the KCCE Accredited Chamber Executive Certification. Points shall be awarded by the review committee.
  2. Applicants must have at least four years of continuous employment as a full-time chamber professional. Work in the fields of economic development and tourism will also be considered.
  3. Applicant must be a member in good standing of KCCE at the time of application.
  4. Applicants must be able to verify relevant activities and attendance at conferences in which they participated during the preceding four years prior to application.
  5. Essay is required.

Point Structure

  1. Graduation from the Institute for Organization Management program, or equivalent career and/or management experience, is a mandatory requirement. Institute experience can earn up to 12 points, three points per year completed. Point credits for equivalent experience are at the discretion of the review committee. (Maximum 12 points)
  2. Two points for complete attendance at KCCE conferences and retreats. (Maximum 16 points)
  3. Two points for attendance at recognized professional development conferences, workshops and/or seminars. (Maximum 6 points)
  4. Four points for each statewide, regional or national professional leadership role attained. (Maximum 12 points)
  5. Two points for each local leadership role attained. (Maximum 8 points)
  6. Up to six points may be awarded by the review committee for the Chamber Management Essay. (Maximum 6 points)

Application Fee: $25

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